Archmage Rises

It’s like Sid Meier’s Pirates… but with Mages. And Permadeath.
And no pirates.

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That’s ok, I understand. Demo will be edited then posted to youtube for later enjoyment.
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Title Screen World Mage Classroom Combat Locations
Become the greatest mage who ever lived!
Uncover artifacts of immense power in exotic locations.
Rich branching story lines where every choice matters.
No grinding, no random encounters, when battle begins it is epic!
A dynamically generated open world for you to explore, alter, and control!

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Your Mage

Gain power, fame,
and fortune

  • Craft your own equipment, enchant them with your own spells
  • No class restrictions, specialize in your favorite spells
  • Build your own mage tower with rooms from magical workshops to prison cells

Your World

Procedurally generated
every new game

  • Randomly generated world of towns, quest locations, treasures, and NPCs
  • Build relationships with any NPC, or completely ignore them, or even kill them. Its all up to you
  • Find ancient artifacts & spellbooks, add them to your library

Your Story

Your unique story is based
solely on your choices

  • Story driven character creation branches into over 144 beginnings
  • Start from a child and make your own way in an open world
  • One dramatic “world event” per game dramatically changes the world and characters. No two games are the same!

Feel the Burn

Every battle is
like a boss battle

  • Strategic turn-based combat. Like chess… with fireballs.
  • Battle epic foes with depth. Or join them and help them.
  • Spells interact with other spells for tactical combos

Choices that Matter

In life there
are no redos

  • Every choice affects your soul. Be as good or evil as you desire, but live with the consequences for the rest of your life
  • Every encounter can end in combat
  • Permadeath. When you die, that’s it. Choose wisely.

Closest thing to Tabletop

Role Playing the
way it should be

  • No grinding
  • No junk spells/skills/feats
  • No useless npcs
  • No railroading
  • No redos

Available: When it’s done.

Built for PC/Mac through Steam. Maybe iPad/Android tablets.

You’ve never played anything like this

This game isn’t for everyone

You are alone in the world. Will you get involved in world affairs, or ignore them. Or, perhaps, join in the darkness and feed the chaos?

Become famous and rise to rule the Conclave of Mages, or will you rebel against their rules and politicking?

When you are born your lifespan is determined. You will eventually die of old age. Accomplish all you can within your lifespan, or will you discover a way to cheat death?


Living Breathing Fantasy World

The world passes by with or without your involvement

Nobles are a special kind of NPC who rule an area of the land. They pursue their personal agenda against other nobles through combat, politics, and espionage. Join them, thwart them, or ignore them entirely

NPCs, NPC interpersonal relationships, quests, creature lairs, treasures, ancient spells, even store inventories, are all created at the start of the game and used to populate a vast world for you to explore. Every game is unique!


Stuff we shouldn’t mention

Because it will over excite you

Recruit and manage apprentices!

Make your own golems, take them into combat with you!

Mounts! That fight!

Complex damage based on the Vitality and Wound Points d20 variant rules

And so much more!

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I am Thomas Henshell aka "Lord Yabo", Game Designer, GM, Programmer, and I approved this message.